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Karl Ereky: The Father of Biotechnology

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021 -- Many people might not know about the beginnings of

Portrait Image of Károle "Karl" Ereky [Source: Unknown]

biotechnology but in 1919, the term “biotechnology” was coined by a man named Károle “Karl” Ereky. Karl Ereky was born in Esztergom, Hungary in 1878 and worked as a professor at a university in Budapest. In 1919, Ereky wrote a book about the discipline of biotechnology in science, which allowed him to spread his knowledge about “biotechnology” throughout the world.

Throughout the course of his life, Karl Ereky made many strides towards advancing biotechnology, such as coining the term and creating the idea for modern large scale machines that could alter the biochemistry of certain agricultural plants. His ideas made him a visionary that imagined a world without global hunger through altering the biochemistry of plants. Ereky even said that he hoped his ideas would one day allow “the word of hunger [to] be cancelled from the dictionaries.”



(Fári MG, Kralovánszky UP (2006) The founding father of biotechnology: Károly (Karl) Ereky. International Journal of Horticultural Science. doi: 10.31421/ijhs/12/1/615


Helpful Definitions

  • Biochemistry: a field of study that involves utilizing chemical processes to contribute to biological advances (and vice versa).


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